Video Premiere: Kay The Aquanaut "Contemporary Woody Guthrie"

Emcee Kay The Aquanaut is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada. But borders don’t really mean much anymore unless referencing the one south of the United States. The world is watching the political moves that are made within this country with harsh and deafening repercussions.

The prolific emcee has released a dozen albums, singles, and E.P.s, with his latest full-length, Earth Station 7 w/ Maki (Hello L.A.) adding to his catalog. But Kay has done something most haven’t, and that’s reached back to his previous release Yeah Riot!!!, also with Maki producing, to release a new video for his single “Contemporary Woody Guthrie.” Why a year later after its release? Well, Yeah Riot!!! is a snapshot of history detailed from an outside perspective. The album is rife with anger and contempt, and rightly so, as “All Riot On The Western Front” may give a clear perspective of corporate greed, with nostalgia running concurrently in a current age. But this is about “Contemporary Woody Guthrie” and the accompanying video where we find Kay walking along borders, his vehemence resting high on his shoulders.

With previous releases Kay The Aquanaut has been inviting with beats that could allow heads to sway in smoke-filled rooms. Now while heads may still nod, this is another side fo the rapper who refuses to stay silent. And we welcome it here on this new video.

The accompanying lathe cut vinyl single of “Contemporary Woody Guthrie” (Audio Recon) is also available for pre-order here.

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