Video Premiere | Jeremy Porter & The Tucos, “Put You On Hold”

Back in late January, Detroit trio Jeremy Porter & The Tucos released their excellent fourth album Candy Coated Cannonball via Lansing, Michigan’s GTG  Records (Extra Arms, The Plurals). A rave-up, rock and roll band of the highest, truest order; JP&TC sound like guitars and whiskey, hooks and heartache, and sullen, youthful defiance.  They fit alongside a variety of forbearers, from Cheap Trick to Gram Parsons, Hüsker Dü to Uncle Tupelo, Merle Haggard to AC/DC. The racket they conjure echoes a bit of each but stands unique in its own right. Simply, it’s rebellious and reverent Detroit rock and roll.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the second official video resulting from Candy Coated Cannonball, “Put You On Hold.” This is what Porter had to say about it.

“We filmed the band parts in an old high school gym in Plymouth, Michigan. near my house. It was huge and dark and loud! We felt that the song, being what it is – a bit sleazy and glam and rockin’ – deserved that same treatment as a visual too, so we did our best thrift-store Aerosmith meets Sweet meets Vegas-era Elvis I guess, and just had fun with it. It’s a classic tale – girl goes out on the town with her friends, things get crazy, and in the end, she just needs to be loved… I got my hair cut the next day.”   

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