Video Premiere: Jennifer Tefft, “Better Days”

Today, Boston-based songwriter and alt-rocker Jennifer Tefft shares a powerful new song + video. “Better Days” is a hopeful anthem that aims to cut through the noise. It’s a deeply personal song for Tefft who has endured many hardships in life and had no choice but to rise above.

After surviving breast cancer, she aims to put the focus back on her music career. With an affinity for the darker side of alternative rock, “Better Days” juxtaposes the hopeful message with ominous undertones showing that there are always two sides to life, the dark, and the light. It’s a fitting message for the start of 2021.

The accompanying music video shows a dancer performing evocative and powerful choreography. Tefft explains, “[I] thought a dancer would be able to tap into the emotion of the song and create a physical representation… I feel like it is uncomfortable to watch her at some points, which really expresses the sadness, vulnerability, and uncertainty of the song.”

Tefft got her start playing music along the streets and subway system within Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Eventually she would be introduced to guitarist/songwriting partner John Parrillo courtesy of his ex.  Tefft has made quite the presence for herself in the Northeast with her gritty alt-rock music.  Tefft has been fortunate to have won many accolades at the Boston & New England Music Awards.