Video Premiere: GORO 3:16 "Van Gogh"

Music, projects; they occasionally occur through happenstance and chance. Of course, fate may deal its own cards but as far as a collision of sounds is concerned, nothing ever has a finite seal around it.

The witty lyricist from Fresno, CA Ersatz Splynter has been slowly, but surely, releasing material the past few years. 2016 saw the release of his Lalochezia (Fake Four, Inc.), filled with beats, rhythms, and vibes that stray from any of his contemporaries but also finds the wordsmith creating his own path. Splynter wraps his words around odd dissonance, clever upbeat tracks, and the occasional 80s-inspired wave of keyboard work. 2018’s Apartment Number One (Fake Four, Inc.) was more of the same, although pushing boundaries even further but giving listeners something meaty and appetizing to quench hunger pains.

Enter: Oscar Goldman. The likeminded rapper from San Francisco crossed paths with Splynter back in 2016, where they shared space on the same bill and later released the Prevoid EP (Fake Four, Inc.) in 2017. The release showed how Goldman too walked his own path, creating and performing his own brash style of Hip-Hop to his own content, and for that of his listening audience. Delving a bit with elements of psychedelia, this wasn’t his first go-around though, with a catalog that extends back to 2011’s Six Finger Discount, and from one recording to the next, we all see the evolution of his music and style.

It’s no wonder how and why the two came to a decision to work together, forming together like a haphazard Voltron missing limbs but working together with what they have, colliding against one another for something quite…unique. And so, GORO 3:16 was born in 2019, creating songs over Casey Chisholm’s production. The duo is set to release an EP early this summer and in anticipation of the release, GORO 3:16 shares the video for the new single “Van Gogh.” The duo invites all to hop in the van to take a journey with them.

Ersatz Splynter | Oscar Goldman