Internet Secrets: An Interview With GORO 3:16 (Ersatz Splynter * Oscar Goldman)

As far as names go, there haven’t been many to cause me to pause in my steps but when I think about GORO, of course I imagine a four-armed beast loaded with intensity and brute strength. Those that understand, remember GORO, the unflinching beast that is of the half-human and half-dragon race called the Shokan. Non-nerds will recognize it from the Mortal Kombat game and film. This is where GORO 3:16 takes its name from

In a sense, GORO 3:16 shares an affinity with its namesake, as both west coast emcees, Ersatz Splynter and Oscar Goldman, mesh their skills together, with the first single release in “Van Gogh.” They’re set to release the debut self-titled 4 song E.P next week but we caught up with both rappers beforehand for a quick Q&A.

(so) Who are you really?

Ersatz Splynter: I’m Martin Landin, I rap, I make beats and I play saxophone. 

Oscar Goldman: My name is Josh.. I’m a hip hop junkie and I’ve been addicted for 22 years.

What are your (personal or group) aspirations?

Ersatz: Personal aspiration.  I’ve been working on a few different projects currently including 2 with Oscar. We were planning on touring, but that being put on hold I’m just aiming to release a lot of music. Hopefully make some more music videos as well. 

Oscar: For the group, to be received well and do bigger shows 

Where do you currently live and how’s that affected your energy, creative output, etc.?

Ersatz: I live in Reedley, CA which is maybe a 35 m  in n drive from Fresno.  I don’t think living in a small town affects me as much as having to work a full time job and trying to work on creative projects, but I would like to try living in a bigger city for a bit. 

Oscar: I live in the sticks and it makes me super creative because there is not much to do than be creative.

When did you first begin recording and playing live?

Ersatz: I started writing and recording when I was Maybe 19, but it wasn’t until about 25 when I started putting together complete projects and touring.

What would you like music listeners in the States to know about your music?

Ersatz: I just hope people give it a listen. I know times are pretty wild right now, but as long as people check it out I’ll be happy.

Oscar: I would want my listeners to know that I make music with a light heart but it also has a message to try and help others be a better person.

How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of?

Ersatz: I would describe us as like melodic rap with a indie rock/pop sound.

Oscar: I would describe my sound as hip hop with a splash of every other genre thrown in.

When is your next album dropping and how would you describe it to the casual listener? 

Ersatz: Our EP is set to release May 1. It is definitely heavy on 90s references and stories of the road. Overall, just some fun tracks.

Oscar: Yeah, May 1st. My new solo project will be out sometime 2020.

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