Video Premiere: Ghost Wolves "Let's Go To Mars"

Austin, Texas’ own Ghost Wolves eschews conformity and would rather stand alone rather than fit neatly into a tightly wound package of bland musical structures to pacify mainstream culture. Instead, the duo, made up of Carley “Carazy” Wolf, on guitar & vocals, and Jonathan “Little Hammer” Wolf, handling drums & vocals, take the road less traveled. Songs are filled with experimentation, live energy, and burst with creativity!

The Ghost Wolves return, debuting the video for “Let’s Go To Mars,” textured with animation but allowing the live aspect of the music to seep through; much like sludgy waste off the coast of dirty Jersey, complimenting the band’s performance filled with sonic explosions and tempting melodies. The song is off the forthcoming 7″ single “Let’s Go To Mars” b/w “Last Man,” which drops February 7, 2020, on Dirty Water Records which can be preordered here.

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