Video Premiere: Extra Arms "Disrupter"

Although Thin Lizzy was an Irish-bred band, it’s anthemic “The Boys Are Back In Town” has always been equated with working-class towns within the United States. This has absolutely nothing to do with Extra Arms aside from the fact the anthemic punk band is from Detroit, USA, a city once considered as working-class as it gets.

Back in October, the quartet dropped its third release Up From Here (Dadstasche Records) filling every power-pop nook and cranny it could find with loud guitars, melodies bouncing off walls, and a pummeling rhythm section.

Today the band releases the video for the single “Disrupter,” which has the band performing live along with a costume-clad individual in a red suit inundating the band with obvious disruptive behavior.

The band explains the concept to the video offering:

“Pizza and Detroit (where Extra Arms is from) go hand in hand. Most popular pizza franchises are from Michigan, and as kids in the 80s would get inundated with ads for different companies vying to win what was dubbed ‘the pizza wars’. One company went so far as to develop a character – which shall remain nameless – who would try and stop the pizza from getting delivered. It has always stuck with me as being a bizarre and totally of the times advertising campaign, and when brainstorming video ideas for ‘Disruptor’ – a song basically about somebody or something getting in your way – the character immediately came to mind. We did our own little variation on it, asking our friend Noah to slip into a skin-tight red costume and basically fuck with us while trying to rock out the song in our drummer’s garage. Our friend Brooke filmed, directed and edited the whole thing and basically killed it. The video is a fun, spazzy little thing and we’re stoked to share it. And always remember: AVOID THE DISRUPTOR!”

Upcoming Shows:
1/10 @ X-Ray Arcade, Milwaukee, WI w/ Dramatic Lovers, Certain Stars & Soup Moat1/11 @ Burlington, Chicago, IL w/ The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club, the Peevess & Seltzer

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