Video Premiere: Cilantro Boombox, “Wahoo”

In these trying times, the music from Austin’s Cilantro Boombox is a much-needed escape.  Their energetic, positive stance on how they go about their work flows ever so effortlessly through one’s body.  To create such an experience for fans to enjoy, Cilantro Boombox utilizes a fusion of brass instrumentation, electronic music, and Latin and Pan-African sounds.  One of the bands proudest accolades includes winning a grant from the prestigious Black Fret organization in 2019 and again nominated for 2020.

Cilantro Boombox have released the powerful video for the single “Wahoo.”  Produced by the band’s bassist Félix Pacheco and mastered by Claudio Ramirez.  “Wahoo” was first meant to evoke the “child-like frustration over not having much more to say in an argument,” but as time passed and the song began to take shape, it came to mean much more,” Félix Pacheco explains, “As the song was being mixed and mastered in June of 2020, the irreverence became a mantra to deal with the frustration of arguing with deaf ears over issues of equality. Issues we shouldn’t even have to debate in the first place.

That also inspired the music video.” Félix adds, “The contrast of just wanting to dance, shake things up and scream, juxtaposed with images of Black Lives Matter protests in Austin was a way to tie it all together and tip our hats to all of those that continue to fight for a better and more fair future.”

Cilantro Boombox will be donating proceeds of merchandise sales for the months of August and September to the DAWA Fund, which provides emergency financial aid to people of color who are musicians, artists, social workers, teachers, healing practioners, and service industry workers in the Austin community.