Video Premiere: Blesson Roy, “Let It Go”

Being a Cali child of the ’70s, Terry Borden found love for music when he spun the dials of AM radio and combing through his brother’s vast collection of records.  These days, Borden has stacked quite the resume being a musician: two appearances on David Letterman’s late-night show, hang out sessions playing guitar with Radiohead and backing Pete Yorn’s band Dirty Bird.

The culmination of putting in the time with several other musicians over the years has given Borden a wealth of influence that can be heard in his own project Blesson Roy.  On May 8th, Blesson Roy dropped the dreamy pop EP Time Is A Crime

Today, Blesson Roy has dropped the lyric video for the single “Let It Go.”  Produced by Hector Gallardo of Subharmonic City Productions by utilizing footage shot by Ankhurr Chawaa, the video highlights picturesque landscapes.  Like most of Time Is A Crime, Blesson Roy encapsulates a natural course of emotion that allows the listener to feel a deep connection to Borden’s wistful vocals.

(Photo credit: Ankhurr Chawaak.)