Video Premiere: Kyleen Downes, “Tiny Little Table”

At some point in our lives, something clicks and drives us to connect with our passions.  It’s an undeniable feeling even when you try to force it away.  At some point, you dig in and ride the momentum to its climactic conclusion.  Singer/songwriter Kyleen Downes has discovered being a musician is her gateway to bonding herself to the world.  The welcoming sounds that Downes presents in her music transcend happiness and sincerity.  Today, Downes is premiering the first single off her upcoming album Come On Sit Down titled “Tiny Little Table” along with a video to accompany it. 

Here’s Downes on the single/video: “’ Tiny Little Table’ is a song I perform solo with my looper pedal. Patrick and I decided to record my live loop pedal in the studio and go from there.  For me, it’s a song that just goes with the flow, like a casual conversation. I wanted to put something together that was playful and engaging. I used my iPhone and iMovie.  Shooting the footage was really just me having fun with the song and fortunately, I had an extra pair of hands at the house for some moving shots.  The real challenge was editing in general, but also to bring it all together in a way that enhances the listener’s experience and enjoyment of the song.  I have definitely come to appreciate the art of editing.  I think it was a good experience for me to try and capture my music in a visual way.”

Come On Sit Down, Downes’ third studio effort, recorded over the entirety of 2019, will be set for release on June 12th.  Emphasizing a bolder move lyrically and musically, the album contains twangy tracks with a classic rock flair built-in.  The songs also give listeners a calmer, introspective side of Downes.  Come On Sit Down was recorded analog at Reel Love Recording Co. in Dayton OH, with Patrick Himes, the album features Josclynn Garrison (bass) Gub Pedrotti (drums) Charley Skira (guitar) John Bir (trumpet) Patrick Himes (keys, pedal steel) Khyrs Blank, Amber Hargett, Heather Redman (backing vocals)

Vinyl, CD, and the digital download are available for pre-order at  A portion of pre-orders will go to benefit local music venues, stores, and musicians in the Miami Valley who have lost income due to COVID-19.

Photo Courtesy: Gary Mitchell