Video Premiere | Sisteria, “Star Child”

Sisteria is a thunderous new psychedelic band from Norman, Oklahoma, spearheaded by folk-singer-turned-rock-sorceress Katie Williams. With a cohort of accomplished players at her side, she descends into deep, primal consciousness to explore caverns of the self.

Star Child” is the first single from Sisteria’s debut LP, Dark Matter, which will be released August 19 on Horton Records

“Thanks to Steve Boaz ‘wicked imagination and quick fingers, we have ‘Star Child,'” Williams says. “This song is for the freaks and geeks of the universe. We all have those internal and external voices telling us we should be ashamed of who we are. Dimming our light to fit into society has become some kind of right of passage upon entering adulthood. Star Child reminds us where we come from and that there are no mistakes or misfits in the stratosphere. Don’t let those demons win that tell you you’re not good enough. ‘Never forget that you are made of stars, look up to the sky, and never forget. Up into the world, up into the universe, YOU ARE GALACTIC.'”

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Photo: Dylan Johnson