Video Premiere | Sammy Warm Hands “Lipstick (Live)”

Is it safe to say that the Hip-Hop underground is well versed in who Sammy Warm Hands is? Yeah, it probably is, and everyone would agree Sammy truly is a beast on the microphone, who’s killed stage after stage. His multiple projects throughout the years have proven so, and he’s continued to do so whether it’s been within music, his podcast, or even books.

It seems he’s keeping busy, set to release his latest effort Hands Down: Live At The WOW Hall (Take 92 Music), expected to drop for a release date of September 17, 2021. D during his set, Sammy shares songs recorded before 2018’s Figure of Speech was released. That album featured an array of guest appearances like Casual, Supastition, B. Dolan, Gift of Gab, Blueprint, and more. With Hands Down though, Sammy gives everyone a look and feel to his music, which translates perfectly in a live setting. The proof, the evidence, is right in front of us all with the video for “Lipstick,” a terse and direct Boom-Bap delivery from beginning to end. This is all on the heels of his recently released book, How To Ruin Your Life, this past March. An audio version is also available online here.

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