Video Premiere | Roanoke, “Selene”

Having instituted a seamless blend of 70s aesthetic with a modern sensibility, Roanoke’s music has charmed music lovers from all over the world.  Another key component of the band’s reputation for being considered as a rising group within the independent rock circles is the mysticism within their lyrics.  With each passing word soaring out of the mouths of Taylor Dupuis (vocals/acoustic/songwriter) and Joey Beesley (vocals/electric guitar/songwriter), Richard Bennett (bass), Chris Elvidge (drums), and B.L. Reed (electric guitar) naturally present energy that is almost second to none.

Today Roanoke has released their latest single “Selene” via Kill Rock Stars along with an accompanying video.  “Selene” will be released on a 7” vinyl, backed with the B-side “Juna.”  Dupuis says, “‘Selene’ is a song about the moon goddess, who represents women everywhere. She is strong and nurturing, loving, wild, and fierce. I started thinking about the parallels between the moon, and women, and thus became ‘Selene.’ For this song we wanted to sonically call back to the music of the ’70s and early 80s, while also adding some more modern sounds to create something familiar yet nostalgic. Our intention for ‘Selene’ was to write something that felt magickal, mystical, powerful, and relatable. We want to take listeners to a whole other world.”

For the single’s music video, Roanoke teamed up with the creative director Cybelle Elena to create something unique, captivating, and powerful. The video features Dupuis portraying influential women of history – Queen Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart, Gloria Steinem, the Hollywood actress, the folk singer, and of course, Selene. Each of these women’s stories is one of triumph and strength. Each character is represented by a tarot card, which will be part of a deck the band will be releasing in collaboration with Cybelle. The video is a dreamy, mystical, 80’s inspired world, featuring strong, captivating women of history, who dealt with some of the same struggles women deal with today.

On their latest project, the band teamed up with producers Richard Bennett and Kevin Robinson at Bless Yr Heart in Muscle Shoals.

To pre-order Roanoke’s 7” vinyl via Kill Rock Stars, click here.

Photo Courtesy: Sammy Hearn