Video Premiere | Rachael Sage, “Flowers For Free”

Award-winning alt-folk-pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rachael Sage dropped her stunning album The Other Side this past Friday, July 21st (MPress Records/ILS/Virgin). Before releasing the album, Sage shared the empowering first single/video, “Whistle Blow”, the optimistic title track/video “The Other Side” , and a third single, “Only You” , a sparkling reinterpretation of the ’80s Yazoo classic. Today, Sage continues to wow audiences with the video for powerful pop-rock single “Flowers For Free.”

Sage says, “When I wrote ‘Flowers For Free’ I was young and was questioning the motivation of a stranger who offered me flowers and a compliment. Was there a hidden agenda behind the kind gesture, or do people act out of pure kindness? I was very influenced by the Beatles (still love them), and musically and harmonically that absolutely comes through on this track. But the reason I decided to finally put this song on a record was because I finally understood the lyrics, from an adult perspective. The ‘man’ is G-d, spirit, Fate or whatever you may believe. And the advice ‘don’t go’ is an encouragement not to give up, to keep fighting, and to keep embracing this earthly life. As a cancer thriver who was also care-giving for another member of my family going through a serious illness while making this album, I enjoyed the brightness and hopefulness of this melody, while also feeling it to be strangely prophetic. It was an opportunity to tap into an innocent perception of life and death, advocating for sticking around with renewed passion.”

Sage’s latest studio album is the most grounded of her illustrious career. The Other Side‘s 15 tracks of emotionally charged and intricately woven music recall the classic, retro-warmth of the ’70s and ’80s, and are as instantly hummable as they are lyrically poignant. With memorable Americana-infused pop hooks and folk-fueled poeticism, Sage’s timeless writing reminds us what’s most important is always worth waiting for, via songs steeped in just the right amount of best-is-yet-to-come optimism.

Sage decidedly stretched her range as a producer on The Other Side. String arrangements are equal parts intimate and lush, and there’s a sense of expansiveness that never overtakes her gritty-but-ethereal vocal delivery. Acoustic guitars, fiddles, tympani and trumpets amplify lyrics bound by an appreciation of freedom’s most desired consequence: peace. Detailing her latest album, Sage – a self-described “cancer thriver” – shares, “This record encompasses a high and low search for resilience in this broken world. In ‘No Regrets’ – which I co-wrote with my Dad – I sing ‘I love life in all its aching joy.’ Anyone who lived through the chaos of the last several years and still manages to get out of bed and out into the world has my admiration. I can’t wait to get back out on the road and hear how everyone triumphed, firsthand!”

The digital album, vinyl and deluxe physical CD – featuring 12 paintings by Sage, photographs by renowned Studio 54 photographer Bill Bernstein, along with a Bonus Disc of alternate mixes – can be pre-saved/ pre-ordered here.

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