Video Premiere | Palm Ghosts, “Elevation”

The Nashville, Tennesse quartet Palm Ghosts is an anomaly of sorts, as its song structures whet the appetite for nostalgia without fitting the band within nostalgic settings. The group has kept itself firmly footed within the 21st Century as the band’s 2022 full-length release Post Preservation can attest to. The group overreaches beyond itself, defying being pigeonholed.

With the new year, Palm Ghosts is set to release its latest offering, the band’s Cold Spells EP, and in preparation for it, share the video for its new single “Elevation.” The song itself is a stunning display of songwriting, and while the group has described itself as the “sound of an 80s prom in a war zone,” and with “Elevation” it shows it’s more than that. Driven by a hypnotic rhythm and distorted echoing guitars, Palm Ghosts has evolved to create a sonically diverse track that’s powerful in its subtlety. The war zone has moved passed further than the prom, it’s in the cities and suburbs ready to change the world.

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