Video Premiere | Lukka, “Life In Reverse” 

Lukka itself was born out of necessity. The musical project is the brainchild of German-born, New York City-based artist Franzi Szymkowiak, created from a mesh of influences, never fully committing to one, allowing listeners the capability to make their own discernments. It was a necessity to allow Franzi the opportunity to express her ever-evolving creativity. While the music that has shaped Franzi ranges from an assortment of classic rock to experimental pop, Lukka remains distinct in delivering a sound that’s as unique as it comes.

Since 2012 Lukka has been releasing a steady stream of singles and EPs, releasing its first album, 2018’s ENCOUNTER. Now seasoned musician, Franzi and the semi-fluid band have allowed Lukka to create natural & organic sounds, taking the psychedelic pop swirls to a different level altogether. Everything will come to a head on August 26, 2022, the day she releases her sophomore album, Something Human. While it seems to be peppered with synth-like orchestration, don’t allow assumptions to get the better part of you. Something Human is far from feeling mechanical in delivery. With the announcement of the new album, Lukka shared the first video off the album, “Wisdom of the Sun,” a trippy surrealist expression filled with cooing vocals and drenched in synth waves & interstellar guitar play. Today Lukka delivers the video for “Life In Reverse,” a realist approach to addressing adjustments to growth.

Of the video, Franzi noted, “‘Life In Reverse’ talks about the end of a close relationship, as both partners realize that time has changed them. And that one shouldn’t be afraid of that change… ‘only a matter of time and you get used to it’.” – Lukka (aka Franzi Szymkowiak)