Video Premiere | God of Love, “Black Beyond”

The music began for James Cole Burnett when he was 14, driven by aspirations of playing in his older brother’s band. He began taking piano lessons and soon started writing songs and playing shows with his brother, Chase Burnett, and a drummer, Matthew O’Connor. In addition to playing in the trio, he also fronted Dallas-based band  Mankind Forever into his early twenties.

At 22, he traveled to Los Angeles to join Burnett and O’Connor in a band called UNCLES. UNCLES played for a year and a half before breaking up just before going to record with producer Sean O’Brien. Burnett took the opportunity to work with O’Brien on his first three singles as a solo act, before departing from LA and returning to Texas. Soon after, he recorded the album Casino Dream with producer Will Hooper.

In 2019, Burnett met producer Alex Bhore, who recorded and produced GOD OF LOVE’s second album just before the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, which pushed back the release of the album of over a year. Thankfully, that record, Do Your Worst, finally sees release November 5 via Red Zeppelin.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering God of Love’s stylish, film noir-inspired video for “Black Beyond.” This is a track that revels in its grimy, grandiose production, while Burnett chases its dark, throbbing pulse to gut-wrenching rock bottom.

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