Video Premiere | Counterfeit Money Machine, “Life Of A Pill Salesman”

Life isn’t always what it seems and there are those that highlight the grim realities of the everyday mundane. “A man whose job involves selling or promoting commercial products, either in a store or visiting locations to get orders.” That’s the definition of what a salesperson may do daily but it’s a lot less glorified for others.

The Cincinnati-based Hip-Hop outfit Counterfeit Money Machine, made up of brother emcees Kill Bill and AP Counterfeit, along with multi-instrumentalist/producer Juan Cosby, gets down and gritty with the video for the new single “Life Of A Pill Salesman.” This isn’t a pharmaceutical look at life via Dopesick or a romantical fascination like Love & Other Drugs, oh no, this is much different. With catchy bouncy rhythms and quick-witted lyricism, the group moves through the imagery of what happens after the pharmaceutical sales, in hotel rooms filled with drug paraphernalia, the seedy side of 90’s salesmen succeeding but also falling into drug-induced stupors.

The video for the single is off the new album When You Find A Stranger In The Alps (Grasshopper Juice Records / Artificial Currency), set to drop May 6, 2022. The album is a take, or rather a parody of film, in particular, The Big Lebowski while staying true to their roots with rampant tribulation to the band’s namesake, HBO Comedy Series “Mr. Show.” The album follows the group’s last Hip-Hop effort, 2016’s Desperate Measures, and just may be in fact, the group’s final collaboration. But the nails in the coffin aren’t in quite just yet.

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