Video Premiere | Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends, ‘Crybullies’

With roots in Oakland, California, but transplanted in Milwaukee, Conan Neutron is a wildly prolific musician, podcaster, and impresario. As a co-founder and curator of Caterwaul Festival, and as the founder and host of the Protonic Reversal podcast, Neutron is a self-built pillar of what he has termed “independent-minded, iconoclastic, noisy music.”

As a band leader, Neutron wields leverages his creative fire and alchemistic knack for putting exceptional people under one roof. His rhythm section, The Secret Friends, consists of none other than Dale Crover (Melvins, ex-Nirvana) and bassist Tony Ash (ex-Coliseum).

Contrary to what one might expect from these guys, the sound hits like a burlier version of power pop – more Cheap Trick than AmRep. Honed over four full-length albums and shows with Big Business, Torche, and more, the songwriting and execution are rich in tones, hooks, and colored with Neutron’s croon.

For the new split LP, Adult Prom, Neutron and his gang teamed up with Cincinnati-based cello-driven, grunge duo Lung whose sheer intensity and dark, neoclassical flair create an electrifying contrast to Neutron’s noisy reimagining of classic rock.

Order Adult Prom here.

Today, Neutron premieres “Crybullies.”

“A problem for our times! Self-righteous harassers and complainers that claim, because of some perceived or exaggerated slight, THEY are, in fact, the true victims,” Neutron explains. “Deplorable behavior, and generally deplorable people. This song is mostly from the perspective of the crybully in question.”

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends with Lung:

Oct 6 – Tempe, AZ @ Time Out Lounge
Oct 7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar and Grill
Oct 8 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
Oct 9 – Sacramento, CA @ Old Ironsides
Oct 10 – Reno, NV @ The Loving Cup
Oct 11 – Eugene, OR @ Sam Bond’s Garage
Oct 12 – Portland, OR @ High Water Mark
Oct 13 – Bellingham, WA @ Make Shift Art Space
Oct 14 – Seattle, WA @ Southgate Roller Rink

Oct 20 – Logansport, IN @ The Record Farm
Oct 21 – Dayton, OH @ Dayton Music Fest

Photo by Abbey Garside