Video Premiere | Bloomr, ‘When They Are Done’

Baltimore-based indie rock quartet Bloomr has released their fourth single to digital streaming platforms. As in the case of all the singles, the song was written by Brian Scott, co-produced by J. Robbins, and mixed and mastered by the Animal Farm UK in London, England.

According to Scott, the song is an anthem for recovering Catholics.

“I grew up with a strong Catholic upbringing. It was a big part of my life and a huge focus for my mother when I was a child. I realized when I was pretty young that many of the things I was being told ‘to just believe’ did not add up. In contrast, my parents also raised me and my siblings to not just blindly follow traditions so there was a massively conflicting paradox around me.

“I would go to church every week to make my mother happy, follow all the rites and sacraments, but I inherently felt that it was odd to be listening to men tell other men how to properly follow and show respect to God. Were these men not flawed like the rest of us? 

“It was a number of years later when the sexual abuse scandals exploded through the Catholic community that many diehard believers only started to admit the irony in many of the practices of blindly following church leadership.  To me, that is acknowledgment that organized religion is just another form of politics and in many cases less holy as well. We give them our bodies and commend our souls… what doesn’t destroy us should make us whole, only to find that there is nothing left when they are done.”

Bloomr channels noisy punk energy and flirt with earworm power-pop tendencies while creating their plaintive melodies.

Scott grew up in a house where Motown, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys played on the magnavox console all the time. His older sister introduced him to INXS, U2, The Police, Midnight Oil, and The Violent Femmes and took him to see The Cure as his first-ever concert. Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, and then the grunge movement hit him later like a pedestrian getting run over in a crosswalk.

Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins entered Scott’s orbit, encouraging him to pick up guitar and begin looking for a band as soon as he knew two chords. Tons of songs, rehearsals, and wayward bands eventually turned into Fall Back Plan, a band that toured nationally and appeared on MTV, propelling him to Nashville to explore the industry. That’s were his songwriting became Bloomr.

Scott is joined by Kamari (bass), Steve Webb (guitar), and John Dahlgren (drums).

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Photo by Benjie Loveless