Video Premiere: Danny Newcomb, “Brighter”

It’s a tale as old as time…singer/songwriter Danny Newcomb clinched a cheap acoustic guitar into his hands and the rest is history.  Throughout the years since, Newcomb has complied a resume that offers up lineups that feature some of the best musicians in the Pacific Northwest.  This past September, Newcomb’s latest album Mackerel Sky marked a fresh start for the musician.  The tracks are stripped down and accentuates a rawness that hasn’t been showcased until now.   Today, Newcomb has released the video for the single “Brighter.” 

Here’s Newcomb on the song: “Brighter is a song, a conversation in the mind of the narrator about someone they love and want to find the right words to describe how they feel.  I wrote it during the late fall and there had been heavy rains and everywhere the asphalt was shining — which somehow both seemed like a reflection and a window through the melancholy that always hits me this time of year.  If the song is an internal conversation, the last verse is the hidden wish — to go home.”

In regard to the video, which showcases a picturesque backdrop that features animals and wide-open landscapes: “My sister-in-law (an art – student) filmed this video on Vashon Island (where we live) during the first lock down for the virus.  Since we couldn’t get any extras outside our family, we talked our kids into being the actors and filmed just down the road.”

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