Vic Spencer & Small Professor Share Vintage Style With “WAVEZ, micro”

Take a trip to the West Coast in Vic Spencer & Small Professor’s sun-soaked, hazy new video for “WAVEZ, micro,” the beat-switching banger off the duo’s collaborative album, Mudslide (Colemine Records).

The visuals perfectly match the energy of the single, and we have the camera work of TPJ and the editing talents of Sun Bronx to thank for that. In addition to shots of Vic spitting his slick rhymes at the camera, the video boasts gauzy, found footage-style clips from around Los Angeles.

It’s that one-two punch of styles that fits the Mudslide single so well, because the track switches things up in its own way, too. After kicking things off with more laid-back vibes from Vic and Small Professor, “WAVEZ, micro” flips into a snarling banger featuring a harder side from both artists.