Upper Wilds Shares Single “10’9,” On Tour With Pelican

Ahead of the release of their new album Jupiter, out July 21st, Upper Wilds have shared a live video for the single “10’9″,” filmed at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. The video showcases the trio’s ferocity and joyful abandon as they tear through Sabbathian grooves, bassist Jason Binnick and drummer  Jeff Ottenbacher thundering beneath the fray of guitarist/vocalist Dan Friel’s soaring, tremolo-picked leads and waves of fuzz. Following the release of Jupiter, Upper Wilds will be playing select shows alongside Pelican throughout the Midwest.

On Jupiter, Upper Wilds voyage deeper into the cosmos, mapping out the overwhelming enormity of the universe in soaring hooks and blistering noise. The third installment in the trio’s exploration of our solar system looks to its largest planet for a daring exploration of scale and perspective. New York underground mainstay Dan Friel’smelodic gifts and wry lyricism are magnified and propelled ever outwards by the thundering rhythm section of bassist Jason Binnick and drummer  Jeff Ottenbacher, all immersed in rippling fuzz. Just like its namesake, Jupiter stands as Upper Wilds’ most colossal offering in their catalog. The raw power of their music is amplified to titanic proportions, sky-clawing riffs invoking the sheer awe that the heavens inspire.