th1rt3en Share Video “KILL, KILL, KILL,”

th1rt3en is the combative project from legendary emcee Pharoahe Monch joined by musical assassins Daru Jones + Marcus Machado. Aggressive, abrasive, and often fearless with their examination of the world, the band’s critically acclaimed A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism (Fat Beats Records) LP was released earlier this year. Today, they have unleashed a triple-threat package for album standout single “KILL, KILL, KILL,” including a brand new animated video, a 100-copy limited edition comic book (also available digitally) and an NFT series

Pharoahe Monch shares: “The entirety of the release for A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism has had me in a perpetual dream state. From the visuals to the live in studio performances and the overwhelming amount of positive responses, it’s all been unbelievable. This next release of the song and video for “KILL, KILL, KILL,” is truly mind-blowing. I never thought I’d be able to see this come to life. I’ve been wanting to do an animated release my entire career, but the way this animation syncs so well with the imagery of the song is amazing. Seeing a story that I wrote come to life on multiple mediums at the same time is unfathomable. We’re releasing “Kill, Kill, Kill” as a single on all streaming platforms, as a visual short film style music video, as a comic book, and as an NFT series. Creating digital art in this way is something new and very special to all 3 of us.”