It’s the return of Peter Kember, but known to the world as Sonic Boom, who continues with the release of his new video and song, “Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper).” The track is the latest single of his forthcoming release, All Things Being Equal (Carpark Records), to be released June 5th. The new track comes ahead of singles “Just Imagine” and “The Way That You Live”.

The video begins with a digitally-rendered bust of Kember’s head, which opens to reveal experiences in his own life. Russian dolls, more busts are exposed, slowly going deeper into the artist’s mind to expose different settings that reflect stages of life, ranging from operating theatres to nurseries all the way down to subatomic particles. Kember’s mossy voice loops in the background, lulling the viewer along as they plunge towards a sense of peace and cosmic transcendence.