Sky Creature Shares “No One”

New York’s Sky Creature is redefining what we know about music. Turning instruments, samples, and voices into a collage of sound, a literal sound clashing of post-punk, electronic, and operatic vocal displays for something quite… intriguing. The band is made up of guitarist Matt Walsh of the Forms, and vocalist Majel Connery, and together as Sky Creature, the duo brandishes loud & euphonic rock symphonies with their compositions. There’s no treading lightly and the offerings of the band showcase how they’re all in!

With the new year just around the corner, Sky Creature is prepared to release it’s forthcoming Bear Mountain / Childworld EP this March 2022, recorded by Steve Albini. As the band sets itself up for a national tour, the band has released the video for the powerful “No One.” Guitars spray and wash all over prerecorded drums, a throbbing bassline, as Connery’s infectious & quick-tongued vocals lead the song into sonic oblivion of rage and beauty.

“‘No One’ is like my fantasy collaboration between Sophie and Minor Threat,” which is what Walsh is quick to offer. “It’s extreme and direct – leaving nothing to the imagination – but also freakish and otherworldly. Our basic idea for the song was that it be emotionally uncompromising and disorienting to the point of hostility. Then it turned out that all our friends loved it. It should feel like getting sucked into a giant tidal wave and spat out again.?

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