Video Premiere | Sky Creature “We Need A Room”

Rock is not dead, and art rock, well, it’s taken on multiple forms over the past decade. On occasion, it’s become indecipherable and at other times, inexplicably filled with majesty. The challenges abound in whichever direction we may find ourselves surrounded by it. Where does Sky Creature fit in the scheme of things, in the broad spectrum of music? The answer may not be as clear as one might think.

What seems just like a few weeks ago, Sky Creature – comprised of Matt Walsh (The Forms, Desert Fathers) and Majel Connery – released its double EP Bear Mountain/Childworld (Open Ocean), a fantastic journey of incomparable excess of both post-punk fury and ethereal bliss, not always engaged at the same time but tugging at one another in concurrent spaces. The expressiveness and passion the band evokes from track to track is evident, whether it’s the atmospheric orchestration on “He Was Dying” or the ferociously gorgeous power of “No One.” Together, things shouldn’t make sense but somehow the duo is able to ensure it does.

Sky Creature offers up the video for the band’s single,”We Need A Room.” Driven by Majel’s pulsating keyboard notes and Matt’s throbbing bass, the band plays with dynamics as the music swirls around Majel’s celestial voice.

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