Noga Erez Shares Video For “You So Done”

Israel breakout indie star Noga Erez has transfixed fans from all around the world with her elements of electronica and pop music influences.  Erez also incorporates a cerebral sensitivity within her work; solid synth lines along with unwavering textures await those who listen. 

Erez has shared the video for her single “You So Done.”  Here’s the artist on the concept:  “The video for ‘You So Done’ was a big risk taker for me. Usually, I have an idea or I work with a director on an idea together; since this was my third video with director Indy Hait, I decided to let him do his thing,” the singer explains. “He offered up an idea that included a robot, and I immediately hated it. I was just not able to imagine how it wouldn’t come off as a science fiction video and felt it wasn’t my style. But after talking and tearing the idea apart, I realized that this is a truly meaningful character.”