Noga Erez Covers Anderson .Paak’s “Who R U?” For Sounds of Saving

Noga Erez has collaborated with Sounds of Saving (SoS) for a new installment of their “Song that Found Me At The Right Time” series. Along with her Q&A, Erez chose to record her take on Anderson .Paak’s “Who R U?” single. She notes, “listening to music and hearing other people’s stories through music, but also hearing other people [telling] their stories is why this project seemed so important for me to be involved.”  

Sounds of Saving share, “To us, Noga is an amazing and unique artist in that, lyrically, she takes on themes such as anxiety and internal struggles, while her sound and visuals are irresistibly catchy and uplifting. Initially the track “Views” inspired us to reach out to her, with the song’s take on the dangers and shallowness of social media but through humorous eyes. It is both fresh sounding and completely relevant to some of our current collective mental health struggles. We also love how Noga has spoken out about the responsibility of artists and all humans to inject good into the world in whatever ways they can. Creating this video together, as well as experiencing her electric live shows, has only crystallized our feeling that she is a thrilling voice in pop music and in mental health advocacy.”

Sounds of Saving created the “Song that Found Me At The Right Time” in 2019 to help promote honest, intimate conversations about mental health. They emphasize the impact of music of all genres on human connection, coping during difficult times and maintaining mental wellbeing. Engaging with musicians, the series reveals how a song found each artist at the right time, as well as sharing how each artist has managed to cope and even thrive in the face of difficult times and emotional crisis. For every one person that dies by suicide, 316 people think seriously about suicide but go on to live out their lives. These are untold stories that must be shared. During the pandemic, approximately 1 in 4 young adults has had suicidal thoughts. 

All donations to SoS will support the nonprofit’s creation of an easily-accessible online platform to bring stories, support, and resources to creatives and all people seeking a way through the darkness.

Photo Courtesy: Charlie Gross