mxmtoon Shares Cover Of Radiohead’s “Creep”

mxmtoon is thrilled to announce her involvement in the next installment of the highly anticipated Life Is Strange gaming series. Created by Deck Nine Games and published by Square Enix, Life Is Strange: True Colors was today announced to much fanfare around the world at SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS. mxmtoon will provide the singing voice for the game’s central character Alex Chen and provide a musical backdrop for the game. More details can be found on the Life is Strange website

Also released is this haunting reimagining of Radiohead’s iconic “Creep” which is featured as part of the Life Is Strange soundtrack. mxmtoon says, “really excited to share my cover of creep by Radiohead! it’s nerve-wracking to make your own version of such an iconic and established song, but creep is a classic and i had so much fun being able to put my own spin on it. hopefully other people can be inspired to make versions of their own favorite songs and put them out in the world to share as well.”