Matmos Share “Anti-Antiphon (Absolute Decomposition)”

Following a recent run of sold-out shows in the U.K. and Europe and ahead of their upcoming U.S. tour dates, Matmos have shared the new video for Regards Bogusław Schaeffer album closer “Anti-Antiphon (Absolute Decomposition) / Anty-Antyfona (Dekonstruckcja na całego)”. Exemplary of the album’s more meditative second side, Matmos sculpt a phantasmagoric sonic landscape from samples of early Polish electronic music (from the archives of celebrated composer Bogusław Schaeffer). Here sonic DNA from Schaeffer’s extensive catalog is mutated and magnified into an entire ocean of sound, Matmos toying with scale as they move from the close-mic-ing of ASMR to the immensity of processed drones and oceanic field recordings. Premiered on their recent European tour, M.C. Schmidt’s accompanying video offers a perfect visual parallel to the track’s textural depth and psychoactive sonics, sculpting oblique shapes and hyperreal colors that throb with alien vitality beneath a sea of rippling static. 

Like the anagrams of the letters of Bogusław Schaeffer’s name that were re-assembled to create some of the song titles, the album itself is a musical re-assemblage of component parts into possible but unforeseen new shapes. Neither performances nor remixes, the resulting encounters between past and present find Matmos augmented radically reconfigured samples with new instrumentation from the duo’s extended circle of friends and collaborators; harp from Irish harpist Úna Monaghan, erhu, viola and violin from Turkish multi-instrumentalist Ulas Kurugullu, and electronic processes from Baltimore instrument builder Will Schorre and Horse Lords wunderkind Max Eilbacher. Offering a “life review” of production styles, Regards / Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer builds temporary shelters out of the panoramic wreckage of modernist composition, sixties tape music, seventies dub, eighties industrial music, nineties postrock, and dark ambient, 2000s era glitch fetishism, and contemporary post-everything collage sensibilities.