Matmos Shares “Why?” (Feat. Evicshen)

Last year, the renowned duo Matmos released their critically lauded fourteenth studio album, Return To Archive, with Smithsonian Folkways. Constructed entirely from ‘non-musical’ recordings released by  Folkways Records in the mid-20th century to celebrate the label’s 75th anniversary, the album earned widespread acclaim from reputable publications.

Today, Matmos and Smithsonian Folkways are celebrating the long-awaited arrival of the release on CD. To mark this occasion, they have released a new music video for album standout “Why?”. The Ed Apodaca – directed music video collages images to match the samples heard in the song. The track features sounds of humans trying to communicate with animals (dolphins, frogs) and other humans (children, people without larynxes) over a hasty four-on-the-floor beat. Matmos, along with guest artist Evicshen, skillfully cut, looped, and layered 92 frog patterns, compressed the splashes of dolphins in water, and locked slices of enigmatic vocal experiments into pulsing, mutating loops.