Marchelle Bradanini Shares Single/Video For “Chinese New Year”

LA-based singer/songwriter Marchelle Bradanini will release her debut solo full length effort Only A Woman on July 3. Appropriately timed around the Fourth of July holiday, the album poetically paints clever, sardonic and highly relatable imagery of troubling, contemporary subject matter: gender inequality, mansplaining, the emptiness of consumer culture and the “brutal pendulum swing” from the Obama presidency to Trump’s. 
As the primary caregiver for her two young children and unable to tour over the last few years, Bradanini took that time to re-establish her political voice through boots-on-the-ground canvassing, registering new voters, letter-writing and online phone banking on behalf of candidates and organizations including: Stacy Abrams’ Fair FightKatie PorterMoms DemandSwing Left and Emily’s List.

Bradanini has shared the single “Chinese New Year”  along with an accompanying video. The single tackles topic of consumerism and questioning what it means to be free in 2020. A satirical take on The Wizard of Oz set in modern-day America amidst the weed shops, strip clubs, and $5 dollar psychics, she sings: “Just cause you yell don’t mean you’re heard / I’m so tired of feeling useless / Consumed by modern apathy / I think I read it on a postcard / Just cause you think don’t mean you’re free”.

Bradanini has grown artistically and politically as well as growing her family since her last musical release under the Pony Boy moniker. She found herself refocused on the local political arena following the 2016 presidential election. All the while, the prolific artist’s creativity flourished in the recording studio resulting in the viscerally potent new album Only A Woman. Produced by her longtime collaborator Adam Landry (Deer Tick) with Amy Wood (Fiona Apple) on drums, the defiant folk rock album takes sonic influence from figures like indie-rock luminaries Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen and Jenny Lewis and folk icon Leonard Cohen.