Marchelle Bradanini Shares Feminist Single “Only A Woman”

LA-based singer/songwriter Marchelle Bradanini will release her debut solo full-length effort Only A Woman on July 3. The collection cleverly evokes highly relatable imagery of troubling, contemporary subject matter such as the emptiness of consumer culture and breaking down gender archetypes.

Bradanini has released a new single and album title track “Only A Woman” video. The song’s punk rock ethos is wrapped up in a warm, welcoming melody and playful 60s girl group back-up vocals. It’s a satirical, tongue-in-cheek feminist anthem about being raised in a post-feminist world, but still reckoning with so many of the short-comings; physical, mental, political, and financial limitations we still come up against. Bradanini shares, “Only A Woman is essentially about questioning the often-systemic misogynist power structures and platitudes which encourage us not to question the status quo, which we do not benefit from.” Shot entirely on a cell phone and directed by Amy Barham, the “Only A Woman” video puts a colorful and cinematic spin on the idea: you can do anything with an idea and a cell phone.