Luke Wild Drops New Single In Support Of Upcoming Album Announcement

Luke Wild will release his debut EP Easier To Lie on September 18 via Terrible Records. Co-produced by Danny Parra, Wild recorded it shortly after moving to LA in the fall of 2019. Recounting moving from Atlanta and getting right to work under Parra’s guidance he says “There’s a little bit of a melancholy to it, but there’s also an energy and anger, because I was sleeping on my manager’s couch, and I would wake up one day, and my car would be towed, or someone broke in my car, and stole my guitar the first week. Just life and classic LA shit, funny artist stories. And then Danny [Parra] would call me at 1am and be like, ‘Get over here,’ because he’d have extra studio time, and we would work on my record till 5.”  

Luke has shared the EP’s intoxicating and driving title track. He notes, “‘Easier to Lie’ is about the difficulty of expressing oneself honestly, and how with people it is often easier to tell them what they want to hear instead of disclosing how you feel. There is a tension between wanting to be honest, and wanting to ‘keep the peace” so to speak.”   Luke directed the video for “Easier To Lie” and the clip premiered via the UK’s Clash who call it “a bold, evocative project from an explosive talent,”  further noting the single is “assured and propulsive in its surging, driving rhythm.”  Watch “Easier To Lie” here: