Kristine Leschper Releases Video For “Picture Window”

Kristine Leschper (fka Mothers) shares a video for “Picture Window,” the latest from her upcoming album, The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door, out March 4th via ANTI- Records. The self-directed video is inspired by the song’s lyric: “It’s like a picture, I think, one where we’re untouched by the future.”

“I was thinking about how effortless it felt to commune with the mysterious as a child, especially in the ‘natural world’ as we call it, as if it is something alien to us,” says Leschper. “I was thinking about my sister, our shared experiences of childhood, and I wanted to create a sonic environment that felt like that. It was obvious to me that the video should embody the same character of discovery, that it should slow me down, get me out into the world to look for something unfolding, and I settled in on the quiet drama of a stream. I shot time lapse photographs and compiled them into video sequences, a meditation on time or timelessness. The resulting video is uncomplicated, things are constantly changing and yet nothing happens; I spin indefinitely in a circle, a stream bubbles on into eternity.”

The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door is a paean to the sensory world. It’s the first music Leschper has released under her given name, having retired the moniker Mothers after eight years of performing and releasing music under it. Though both projects are guided by Leschper’s idiosyncratic approach to songwriting, they couldn’t sound more different. While Mothers drew inspiration from the stark, skeletal sounds of post-punk and contemporary folk, Leschper’s new work is practically baroque, integrating an array of synthesizers, strings, woodwinds, and over a dozen percussive instruments.

Photo Courtesy: Jon Weary