Bonny Doon Shares New Single “On My Mind”

Detroit, MI trio Bonny Doon share “On My Mind,” the wistful new single and final preview of their upcoming new album, Let There Be Music, out June 16th via ANTI- Records. “I realized at some point that most of my thoughts, in one way or another, are just about people I know. Partners, crushes, family, friends active and friends estranged, people you barely know but who somehow manage to take up outsized psychic space, people no longer with us on this plane, etc.  I don’t really know, but I would guess that’s true for most people. That’s what this song’s about,” Bobby Colombo explains.

After extensively touring their 2018 sleeper cult-classic Longwave by supporting Band of Horses, Snail Mail and Waxahatchee, Lennox and Bobby Colombo were invited by Katie Crutchfield to collaborate on Waxahatchee’s critically acclaimed album Saint Cloud. “The experience raised the ceiling on our imagination,” Colombo said. Soon after, Colombo and Jake Kmiecik, whose steady percussion and devotion to the songs creates a container for the indelible guitar lines, both entered a time of serious healing, Jake tending to complications of his Crohn’s disease and Bobby to a brain injury and undiagnosed Lyme disease. While these detours of doctors’ appointments and experimental care were taking place, the members of Bonny Doon were also Waxahatchee’s backing band on the Saint Cloud tour. These obstacles and commitments drew out the making of Let There Be Music for several additional years, and in the process, redefined the record as an achievement in perseverance for the band. 

On their long-awaited third album, we get a glimpse into the pure joy of Bonny Doon. The album serves as less of one conceptual story, and each song as their own Individual offerings of putting words to the ordinary experience of being alive. The band is at their most dynamic and the songwriting deftly explores new terrain. Let There Be Music is brimming with small truths – both profound and mundane, comforting and difficult – and we are invited to revel in them all. 

Bonny Doon is hitting the west coast next week and have announced a US summer tour. Tickets are available via the band’s website.

Photo Courtesy: Andi Kerr