Jenn Grant Shares Video For “One Hit Wonders” Featuring Ria Mae

On June 21 Jenn Grant will release her new album Champagne Problems. Today she shares the empowering “One Hit Wonders,” the fourth track she has teased off the LP.  Written and performed with platinum awarded artist Ria Mae and long-time collaborator Daniel Ledwell, the song carries messages of strength and encouragement.   “Writing with Ria and Daniel Ledwell for this project was one of the funnest experiences of all time,” shares Jenn. “Ria is such a massive talent, and she is so quick and funny; she’s like a song whip.  We ended up re-writing the verses a bunch of times because at one point they were just absolutely crazy. This song has turned into something that is amazing and fun but that also has real value and strength behind the words for women song makers everywhere. I loved the whole thing from friendship to song creation to video. Can’t wait to unleash this one out into the world. I may light firecrackers when it happens.”

Ria Mae goes on to say: “Jenn is a capital ‘A ‘Artist. She’s a talented writer who knows when to throw the rules out the window. I loved working with her. She’s so open and generous in collaboration and makes creating feel like play. I admire her talents and career and am so happy to be a part of this album.”

Alongside the release of the song is a glowing video directed by Ledwell.  He says, “writing this track with Jenn and Ria was so fun. I always love to write with the bass as opposed to the guitar. So I started playing a bass line and they just started riffing. it arrived as a fun pop song…but the lyrics address their place in the music industry mid career, and as mothers.

As they wrote the lyrics they would basically also come up with ideas for a fun video. We wanted it to be fun and tongue in cheek, the only challenge with the video was making our driveway on a rainy Nova Scotian April day resemble anything close to summer. “