Jeff Rosenstock Rips Through “Scram!” On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Jeff Rosenstock surprised fans with the release of his incredible fourth album, NO DREAM, which came without warning in May and has already received countless mid-year list accolades. Last night, Jeff and his band performed NO DREAM-highlight “Scram!” on Late Night with Seth Meyers. The absolutely electrifying performance was safely and responsibly filmed at Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA.

In addition to NO DREAM, Jeff Rosenstock released a 2020 DUMP on Bandcamp and Jeff’s digital donation label, Quote Unquote Records, a couple of weeks ago, featuring an evolving collection of powerful songs he’s recorded at home during quarantine. All proceeds are going to charitable causes, such as Mutual Aid LA and North Brooklyn Mutual Aid. Check out 2020 DUMP now HERE.

Newly settled in Los Angeles after a lifetime on the East Coast (namely Brooklyn by way of Long Island), Rosenstock recorded NO DREAM with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Hard Girls, Joyce Manor) at Oakland’s Atomic Garden, and even took on mixing duties alongside Shirley for the first time. Opting to stay off the computer “even more than usual” and record to tape with outboard gear, the result is a lived-in sound that gives each song its own individual voice and organic energy. The record comes at a time of unparalleled chaos and confusion, division and despair, the depths of which would have been impossible to predict when much of it was being written over the course of the last few years. And yet the record feels prescient, unexpectedly, and uniquely suited for this moment. 

NO DREAM is out now on Polyvinyl Record Co., and is available for free download via Quote Unquote Records, with all donations going to Food Not Bombs. Purchase, download, and stream NO DREAM now HERE. Purchase vinyl HERE.