Ibex Clone (mems of NOTS, Ex-Cult) Share Single “There’s No Light”

Ibex Clone’s All Channels Clear tunnels back through the shredded remains of folk, pop, blues, and psychedelia to rediscover the real, the human, and the good in this world. Listen close and you’ll hear the ramshackle chime of Big Star, the fingerstyle melodicism of John Fahey and Gimmer Nicholson, and the wild experimentalism of Amon Düül II. 

Imagine a world apart from our own—an agrarian utopia where the corroded cables of the 20th-century lie in moss-covered heaps and the Mississippi River runs clear. New structures rise from the detritus, gnarled patchworks of the natural world and everything else humanity left behind. This is a world where Nirvana and NAFTA never happened, punk didn’t break but bloomed, and guitars jangle in the breeze. This is the world of Ibex Clone and their new album, All Channels Clear (Goner Records), out this Friday, 2/3/23. 

Just ahead of its Friday release they’ve released their new single “There Is No Light” and an accompanying video by Noah Miller which was filmed this in the middle of last summer’s heatwave. The band tells, “The sun was beating down so hard it was hard to tell if everything was brimming with energy or verging on death. This song and video are about all kinds of cycles.”

Ibex Clone Live Dates:

3/04: B-Side Memphis TN (Record Release Show)

5/18: Berlin NYC – Manhattan, NY 

5/19: Tubby’s – Kingston, NY

5/20: Mama Tried – Brooklyn, NY

All dates with Patois Counselors.