Helado Negro Shares “Gemini And Leo,” Announces New Album

When Roberto Carlos Lange, the musician known as Helado Negro, began writing ‘Far In’ immediately following the release of ‘This is How You Smile,’ he could not have predicted that we would soon need to learn how to stay at home and be the stars of our domestic dance floors with intimates and online communities. In the new single “Gemini and Leo,” the titular pair stay indoors to discover each other anew with music recalling Roberto’s youth growing up in South Florida listening to 80s club songs, and their return sampled in 90s hip hop. Visions past and future meet in a euphoria of uptempo drums, Jen Wasner’s (Flock of Dimes) funky bass line, and Opal Hoyt’s (Zenizen) galactic swirl of warm and steely synths and bright backing vocals.
Roberto and his partner, the visual artist Kristi Sword, had planned to visit Marfa, Texas for an early 2020 residency to work on their collaborative project. Once the pandemic hit, they decided to stay in Marfa through the summer, inspiring Roberto to write a significant amount of songs on the upcoming album. He wrote the new song “Agosto” with his thoughts on the humid atmosphere of his hometown, where flower petals and fruit fall and sweetly decay on concrete. The song features his longtime friends Buscabulla, no strangers to the melancholy pull of home in a Caribbean climate.