Good Morning Shares Video For “Depends On What I Know”

Good Morning have shared another excellent cut “Depends On What I Know,” from their forthcoming album Barnyard, out Oct 22 on Polyvinyl.

“Depends On What I Know” is another snapshot of the meditative and considered nature of the new album. Like its predecessors “Burning” and “Country,” the song also reconciles with those single instances, memories and experiences that continue to play over in your own life movie – in this case, tales of epochs lifted from the lives of duo Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair. 

However “Depends On What I Know” sees the band refrain from spilling their guts across a bedroom floor, leaving interpretation of “what I know, depends on what I know” open to all. Stefan reveals “Like most of my songs on this record, it’s about a very specific moment in my life that I’d rather not dive into publicly. I usually try to bury the words in some level of abstraction so that they can be interpreted in different ways, but I suppose the overarching idea is that you can only do what you do, and make the decisions you make, based on the information you have at your disposal.”

Visually, the band continue to reference the sass-infused humour they have inbred on records past, a gentle cheekiness whose endearing quality has become synonymous with Good Morning as a band amongst listeners and fans. Folk music plays gently in the background of super zoomed, peep-hole sized, reels of a farm voyage, complete with sheep and ducks and horses oh my! Stefan continues, “We’ve really outdone ourselves with the video for this one, pure finesse and class I’d say. I dunno that much needs to be said about it, just watch it for yourself if you feel like it, if not, huge loss for you I guess.”

Photo Courtesy: Nick Mckk