Good Morning Share New Singles “Out To Pasture” & ”Misery”

Good Morning has returned with another glorious two-track single release, Out To Pasture / Misery alongside the announcement of the band’s back catalog re-release via Polyvinyl Record Co. The limited pressings of the duo’s early work have long been sold out, with their first album Shawcross accumulating over 100 million Spotify streams despite never receiving a standalone vinyl pressing. 

The Australian group will also begin their long-awaited US tour next week, starting March 31st at San Diego’s Soda Bar, taking them around the country, and ending May 7th at The Belasco in Los Angeles.

Following their recent Barnyard LP, Out To Pasture / Misery arrives as the result of endless studio time for Good Morning, the result of a refined studio schedule that has seen the band consistently write and record five days a week. With the freedom to craft multi-layered recordings, Liam Parsons and Stefan Blairindulge in experimentation and new firsts, namely Stefan’s attempt at writing a string arrangement, and the addition of a rollicking banjo to the Good Morning fold. Plus the studio appearance of a parent or two, with Glenn Blair appearing on horns.

In Liams words, “Misery” was written when “I felt like yelling, and when we recorded it I still felt like yelling. The low key meeting the high is where I live most the time.” “Out To Pasture” features Naarm / Melbourne based violinist Chloe Sanger, who Stefan reveals “was able to take my vague instructions and turn them into something beautiful which was cool to hear. I also had a nice family day in the studio recording the horns so that was nice too. I’m not saying I’d always like to record with my parents, but that day was a good time. Ultimately I’m just making fun of myself about commodifying my darker thoughts through music. I know that I connect with a lot of darker music, and I know it has it’s place in the world, but it’s hard not to feel like it’s super conceited and dumb at times too.”

Out To Pasture / Misery arrives with the vinyl re-release of Good Morning’s back catalog, announced today via Polyvinyl. In their decade-long tenure, Good Morning have released six records of varying sound and length: Shawcross(2014), Glory (2016), Prize // Reward (2018), The Option (2019), Basketball Breakups (2019) – and their latest, Barnyard (2021). Now each album will be available on vinyl once again, available May 27th. Vinyl pre-order HERE.

Photo Courtesy: Nick Mckk