Fast Friends Share “We Broke The World”

Have you ever had a true “what the fuck?” moment? Well, that’s what’s offered up this week. Out this week is the new single “We Broke The World” by the L.A. trio Fast Friends that’s set to release its latest E.P. HI TO LO IQ this summer. No official word on an actual release date but the song was written by the band back in 2018 when they were on this, “everything is crumbling, probably best to hole up” vibe for quite some time. The single itself is a disjoint and pop-infused guitar explosion. They share the new video which stars an array of pop icons.

According to the band:

We’ve all been making a mess for so goddamn long that we don’t even see the actual mess we’re making anymore. There’s got to be a breaking point, right? A peak oil moment. A Sting jumping around in tights moment. A Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s whining is just getting to be too much moment.