Internet Secrets: Speeding Through An Interview With Fast Friends

Occasionally, getting a straight answer isn’t as possible as we think it might or could be. Surprises sometimes happen and it’s no different with the band from L.A., which isn’t just a band but also, Fast Friends.

Knowing next to nothing about the group, I took a shot in the dark after listening to the band’s latest single “We Broke The World,” I think I’m inclined to believe the three fast friends that make up Fast Friends, are about to rule it as well.

According to the information discovered on the band, they’ve been releasing music since 2017, dropping singles now and again. The music created may be guitar driven but filled with melodies and soaring harmonies. Do they take themselves too seriously? Probably not, and that in itself may be to their advantage. Do they create mind-blowing music that will make everyone take notice? It should, and if it doesn’t then there’s something definitely wrong with the world… well, aside from the obvious problems its been having as of late.

(so) Who are you really?

Frodo Baggins, Latrell Sprewell, and Octomom. Ok, wait no, not quite. More like Mark Zuckerberg, Vlad the Impaler, and Dino Radja. Closer. Hmmm OK. We are REALLY Kevin Gates, Harry Houdini, and Tobias Funke. Eeeeeeeeh. This is a tough one. There are three of us tho. And one of us does have a beard. We’re all pretty tall… Wait what was the question?

Hah, I just pictured Sam saying, “No Mr. Frodo, No…”

HAHAHA, amazing!

What are your (personal or group) aspirations?

Individually, to eat as much fried chicken and sushi as I possibly can with the time that the Dark Lord has allotted me. Collectively, to make a shot for shot remake of Encino Man but with an entirely new score.

Where do you currently live and how’s that affected your energy, creative output, etc.?

Well, this is a weird time to answer that question. L.A. and a little bit of Copenhagen. But really we’re just living in Everytown, USWTF where the main form of gainful employment is not losing your shit. Although in all honesty,  I have found the existential dread and everything-out-the-windowness to have opened up a ton of creativity.

When did you first begin recording and playing live?

Twenty Seven Spleen.

What would you like music listeners in the States to know about your music?

If you can imagine anyone else comfortably doing the thing that you are about to do or make, don’t do it or make it. We KNOW no one else is dumb or cavalier or self-involved enough to say the things that we are saying.

How would you describe your sound and/or the genre it exists in/out of?

A herd of cats in a circle pulling off simultaneous farts while a mouse in the middle of the circle does Busta Rhymes verse from Look At Me Now AKA rock music but with Stephen Wright writing all the lyrics.

When is your next album dropping and how would you describe it to the casual listener?

We’ve got an EP coming out July 10 with Dine Alone. It’s called HI T LO IQ.