Esh & The Isolations Share Video “Don’t Freak Out!!!”

Last month saw the release of Idiot Fingerz (Hello L.A.), from the group Esh & The Isolations, filled with 14 tracks of tense tracks that bends industrial, Hip Hop, and pop genres to suit its needs. It works! Fronted by vocalist Esh The Monolith, he challenges himself for something quite different.

Today the group shares its quarantine live video, shot and recorded in 3 different locations, for “Don’t Freak Out,” a frantically paced number, with catchy rhythms and instrumentation that never lets up. Of the song, Esh offers:

“There are a lot of bad things about releasing an album as a global pandemic decimates the music industry. One of the worst is not being able to present the songs as they were intended to be presented – played by a kick-ass band in a sweaty room packed with joyous music lovers. This video is the best we could do to give you a small glimpse of that experience while remaining socially distant. I’ve always wanted my live music to feel different than my recorded material. We all worked diligently in the face of some nasty pre-pandemic odds to achieve that. Amelia, Jesse, myself, and the people who aren’t featured in this video like Hadden, Christian, & Lightfoot. There were a lot of great plans in the works to present Esh & The Isolations in it’s most glorious form. Until we can do that, we will find ways to entertain you as best we can.”