Esh & The Isolations Share “Idiot Fingerz”

Esh & The Isolations recently released the full-length album Idiot Fingerz (Four Finger Distro/Hello L.A.), a release filled with 14 tracks of unhinged noise that defies classification, influenced by 80s and 90s sci-fi, industrial music, mixing iconic pop culture references with thick aspects of grime, boom-bap, and trap into his 2020 vision of Hip-Hop.

Esh The Monolith has established himself as an artist throughout the years, amassing a hefty catalog of releases. With The Isolations though, hes doing things a little…different. Today he shares the trippy and glitchy video for his album’s title track. According to Esh, “It stars the shadowy sleep paralysis demon that has been haunting me since I was a child.”

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