Escape Artist Lovers Share Video For “Punctuation”

Los Angeles-based rock duo Escape Artist Lovers, made up of Rain Phoenix and Kirk Hellie, shared their new single + video, the mellowed, alt-rock outing “Punctuation” via LaunchLeft. The track’s accompanying video, directed by Shane McKenzie, perfectly encapsulates the band’s vision, showcasing glitched out b-roll footage of the band cut between scenes of Los Angeles on an old television screen. The track follows Escape Artist Lovers’ debut single, “Hey Motherf*cker,” released last month.
“When I talk to myself I don’t use punctuation I’m not currently a fan of using it in a sentence either I don’t want to be told where to pause or get excited I want to feel my way through the words,” says Rain Phoenix.

Escape Artist Lovers’ reverence for their musical heroes might be easy to take for granted. Not everybody opened for Sonic Youth on their 18th birthday or has been a much sought out sideman within the Los Angeles music scene. But for the two artists, it’s impossible to deny their roots. The result is less a recreation of ‘70s Laurel Canyon, ‘80s Paisley Underground, ’90s alt songcraft and sonic exploration, and more of a continuation. Hellie and Phoenix aren’t operating in the shadow of history, they’re basking in its sunlight.
Later this year, the band will also be releasing a 7 inch vinyl, with “Hey Motherf*cker” on Side A and “Punctuation” serving as Side B.

Photo Courtesy: Cassandra Church