Escape Artist Lovers Share Video For New Single “Follow the Leader”

Los Angeles-based rock duo Escape Artist Lovers, composed of Rain Phoenix and Kirk Hellie, shared their new single + video “Follow the Leader” via LaunchLeft. The catchy uptempo track brings a flair of bouncing guitar riffs as the duo’s vocals harmonize casually to the poignant lyrics of the song. Paired with a video directed by Geoff Ryan, the black and white edit cuts between energetic shots of the performing duo and animated clips of synchronized marching faceless “followers.”

“Are you a leader or a follower? With death looming for us all, it is a question I ask myself every day.” – Rain Phoenix

The newly released single follows Escape Artist Lovers’ previous rocking tracks, “Punctuation” and “Hey Motherf*cker.” Later this year, the band will also be releasing a 7 inch vinyl, with “Hey Motherf*cker” on Side A and “Punctuation” serving as Side B.

Escape Artist Lovers will be playing a show at Zebulon in Los Angeles on November 20 with Liberate Elemental Forces. They will also be supporting The Bobby Lees for three shows this December in California. Tickets and dates available are here.

Photo Courtesy: Cassandra Church