Dead Meadow Shares “Valmont’s Pad”

US psychedelic rock luminaries Dead Meadow release their new single and video “Valmont’s Pad”, taken from their new album “Force Form Free” to be issued this December 9th as part of Blues Funeral Recordings’ special PostWax series. 

About the song, guitarist and vocalist Jason Simon comments: “Valmont’s Pad is our version of a song from the Ennio Morricone-composed soundtrack to the movie Danger Diabolik. This movie has been a longtime favorite of ours and we’ve toyed with the idea of covering this for years.  The video is a celebration of the warm womb-like nature of my favorite local car wash and was shot entirely therein.  The colors in the video, coincidentally, happened to be remarkably reminiscent of the ones found in the original movie.” 

The “Valmont’s Pad” video was created, directed, and edited by Jason Simon and Cerise Leang, and shot by Jason Simon.